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Personal Empowerment...

mentally, emotionally, and spiritually...

is our most important task today,

and weaves  all of our cherished 

dreams and values together. 

Claim your Personal Empowerment Now

The future of our world depends on You

Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.  -- Rumi

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I'm glad you're here. Take a moment to watch my video or go to my About page to learn more.


I am excited to take this journey with you...

Melanie Hutton  

Soul Tree

Focused Sessions that promote:

  • Vision Activation and Attainment through a step-by-step integrated process

  • Making Deep Contact with Self

  • Learning Self-Facilitation and Self-Mastery Tools that will serve you for the rest of your Life

  • Finding your Clarity and Purpose


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MediMoments are short Guided audio tracks that assist you to immediately change your state, relax, find clarity,

and make better decisions

in your life. 

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