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Melanie Hutton

Melanie Hutton, Spiritual Psychology Practitioner

Melanie Hutton, M.A., is a Spiritual Psychology practitioner, and has worked with private clients for over 25 years in a variety of transformational modalities. She  incorporates cognitive psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual models to help clients explore their innate wisdom as well as the

blocks to living a sustainably joyful and meaningful life. She is committed to helping people realize their deepest Integrity and a state of Being that embodies happiness,

purpose and peace.          

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I am passionate about helping you find the most Joyful Empowered connection within. A place of trust that knows how to bring your dreams and desires into reality, and live that every day with gratitude and awe. It's a deeply powerful and satisfying place to live. I know that when we come into our deepest integrity, we naturally care for and respect ourselves, we enjoy ourselves immensely, and we enjoy the world around us. And I don't know a better way to create a better world than to live every day with the awareness of the vast resources inside us and the deeper intelligence that fulfills our life's dreams.


I have spent over thirty years directly involved in a variety of therapies, psychology, metaphysics, communications, production and the creative arts, and my own spiritual quest. I deeply believe and have experienced that our true nature is connected with something vast, and infinite, and we can access this relationship in grounded, responsible, and creative ways that optimize our ability to thrive. Assisting people to awaken to their innate joy and power, and fulfill their lifelong dreams is very important to me. We are in exciting and complex times, and much is being asked of us. I know that we have what it takes to create the world we want, for all generations, and all people. 

My vision is a world where people are so deeply attuned to their own power and magnificence that they automatically create a better world.

My Mission is to help you awaken to your full capacity to create the life you want, every day.

I specialize in helping you discover the truth of your unique power and your unshakeable Being.

There is no better time than now to claim our right to live a Joy-filled life and to create a world that works for everyone.




“It is very simple.  We are here to be fully empowered microcosms of the Whole.  The only way we will actually see the world change is by refining our own Being to reflect the exact qualities and intentions that we want to see in our world.”  

Integrity        in·teg·ri·ty          \in-ˈte-grə-tē\ :

the state of being whole, entire, undiminished.

About Innertegrity™...

Imagine living every day knowing that you have the inner resources to create sustainable Joy, healthy relationships, vibrant meaningful work, a happy home, and a stronger global community. Imagine knowing that within you resides an Intelligence that you can access at any moment, that you can count on to partner with you at the highest level.


I offer a customized system that promotes your direct experience of the full capacity to create the life you long for. I guide you into your unique spiritual center, to explore your inner depths and connect with your higher self, and then seamlessly weave these profound experiences into practical psychological practices, resulting in deep inner knowing, sustained joy, and inner peace that transcends everyday challenges.


Through an evolving connection with your inner wisdom and understanding, you begin to relax and trust yourself more, to trust your place in the world, to live in deep Integrity. What a valuable gift.

It is also the practice of your human experience as a spiritual being, a system of  healing all interpretations that keep you from experiencing your Wholeness and living the life you deeply desire. 

      Through private sessions, we work together to help you identify and actualize your most important goals and intentions, and we help you clear the obstacles that get in the way of your desires.


      What is the result? Your relationship with yourself is one of Power, Trust, Alignment with your highest Vision, and Integrity. Innertegrity.


Join me.


The Innertegrity process is three-fold:

First, we identify your ideal scenario in life and​ also guide you to a deeper understanding of what is keeping you from living into that. 

Next, we go on a journey of discovery and work with deeply profound tools of wisdom that give you the direct experience of who you are on all levels. This awareness is the foundation of your power center and gives you the strength and resources to transform your life and actualize your dreams.

Finally, you learn to become highly self-facilitative so that you can resolve issues quickly and stay in a positive mindset with clear supportive action. You learn how to communicate with yourself and others in ways that create more peace, understanding and gratitude.

What people Say...

"Working with Melanie was a wonderful experience! Very empathic she was guiding me to my aroused inside world, calming it down and help my finding an anchor that I could use every time the overwhelming negative feelings come back to me. Together we created a paradise inside myself, a peaceful place where I'm happy and fulfilled. This place now is allowed to manifest in the outside, too. Thanks so much from my heart, Melanie"    --Ariane, Greece

“When I first started working with Melanie, I had no idea how deep and diverse our work would be!   What a wonderful gift she has been in my life. With her patience, skill, guidance, love and compassion I found that I was continually transformed in working with her. I feel more confident and connected to my own body, soul and to the world around me. She is an exceptional healer, loving teacher and Spiritual guide. And that she is a woman who is continually dedicated to the path of enlightenment can be tangibly felt when you are in her presence.”    --Bill Brown, Music Composer/Producer

"Melanie has developed a therapy she calls Innertegrity and that's just what it is. During our sessions, we looked back to see where and why certain behaviors and beliefs originated. By acknowledging and understanding where and when some difficult emotions originated, a healing journey was set in motion. Melanie is highly intuitive and was able to help me develop strategies to break some old patterns and to look at my life from a better standpoint. With a strong emphasis on positive intention and encouraging 100% energy to change and growth, Melanie helped me to a better understanding of my life process. Everyone has their story and with Melanie's strategies I have re-adapted that story and connected with my “Wisdom Self” that was there all along."    --Catherine Bennett, Photographer/Filmmaker/Artist – Santa Barbara

“I've known and worked with Melanie for about 6 months now and feel so blessed to have found her. The first thing I noticed was how seen and heard I feel each time we speak. She drops straight in, not just to the words I speak, but to the "core" of the issue, which I am often blind to (thus the need for coaching).  Her intuition is sharp and she draws from a deep well of wisdom, all delivered with the utmost compassion and authority ~ a powerful combination. I have received so much from our conversations. She is utterly masterful as a coach, mentor, guide and healer. I always leave more grounded, clear, and perhaps most importantly of all, a better, wiser human.”    --Ann Gibson, Founder Adventure Wellness, (

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