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Welcome to Awakening the Creative Warrior ...

Is an inner voice telling you there’s more to life than this?

Are you working a job you don’t absolutely love?

Are you longing for more creative play in your life?

Would you like to feel deeper meaning and fulfillment?

During this full-day immersion we will be focusing on Five Qualities of the Creative Warrior: Conviction, Courage, Intuition, Trust, Wisdom. Through body-centered practices, writing journeys, and group inquiry and sharing, we will activate a deeper experience of our own creative aliveness and power.


Join us for a deeply enriching day at a Santa Barbara

mountaintop sanctuary and boldly claim your Creative Warrior.  

Explore in a safe, supportive, empowering environment with 

others ready to leap into greatness.

Why take the creative road less traveled?...

Because the world is in a state of crisis and any other road is a dead end

Because every creative act raises personal and collective vibration

Because creativity is a synergistic force. Your voice and ideas inspire other voices and ideas until there's a momentum, a movement that can't be stopped that creates a permanent shift in human consciousness and being 

Because if you don't use your creative gifts and find ways to share them, you forget about them and soon even you won't have access to them and they'll be lost forever

Because you are an essential part of Creation and when you don't give what you have to give, something in existence goes missing

Because creativity is a quantum path to healing, transformation and self empowerment

Because creativity opens your heart and mind and gets them to work together

Because it's your true nature. The more creative you are, the closer you are to your Self (with a capital S) and to the mystery and divinity in all things

Because creativity makes you look within and look at the world differently. You feel your inner experiences along side of your outer experiences and you're more able to connect and communicate with the world around you more authentically

Because creativity makes you care more

Because creativity helps you find meaning and beauty even in chaos

Because creativity is a way to give back everything you've received

Because unexpressed creative energy can become destructive - either in you as emotional congestion, depression or physical disease or through you as projection - as unconscious creative, destructive energy out into the world

Because creativity is a way to speak up, stand up and say fuck you to those who tried to shut you up

Because it's way more FUN!

Because you meet really cool people along the way

Because the creative process helps you face your fear of death and the unknown


Because creativity keeps you young. You feel more alive and you feel the aliveness in everything around you when you're in creative flow

Because creativity inspires commitment. You feel a sense of obligation to your soul and the soul of the world. You become a more responsible human being when you're creative

Because you can be creative whether you're zero years old or a hundred something


Because once you go creative, you can never go back to being bored or feeling alone or helpless or like you don't know how or you're not enough

You just roll up your sleeves and start digging.....til you find the gold. 

Because on the creative road, you can fully BE WHO YOU ARE

Because the creative road is the only road home. 

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