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Demystifying your Path to Inner Power

Opening to the Self who knows exactly how to live the life you want

5 Principles and Practices to Reclaim

your Clarity, Courage and Power

with Melanie Hutton, Founder of Innertegrity

New 7-Week Live Video Course

Starts September 15, 2020

This is your invitation to learn how to unlock the

keys of your awareness and reclaim your

self-dominion and your empowerment.

Each of us wants to live in a world that feels abundant, safe, meaningful and filled with opportunity. But that's not what many people experience, especially today. For many, the world is more overwhelming than ever, as the world tries to convince us to trust an external source of power.


Change is not a concept, it's an outcome of a deep reconstruction that we choose to take on as our own path, our own self-understanding, our own growth. If we remain on the hamster wheel of external power, we will truly never see the inner harmony and change that drives our fulfilled living.

There is a path that leads you to the most expansive, powerful version of yourself that also connects you with the best this world has to offer. It takes courage and heart to walk this path, but it's not as mysterious as you might think. While mysteries abound, you can choose a step-by-step process that propels you forward automatically in your growth and power.

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"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." 

-- Rumi

5 Core Principles with a Profound Twist...

Creating the life you truly want is not a superficial endeavor, nor does it come from material gain. When we reminisce our favorite memories, or the good old days, or say that "the best things in life are simple," we mean that those experiences have touched something deep in us that lasts, a feeling we love. But so often we are accessing memories that we don't like, or maybe we aren't even aware of them, yet they are controlling our lives in ways we cannot see and that keep us in bondage. 


There is a path through this where we can reconfigure and design a life that we choose. Imagine a world that is a reflection of what you deeply cherish and value. It may seem an impossible reality, but I tell you it's not. It just takes a kind of understanding and orientation that can peel back the layers to see what is really there and make affirming choices. From that is a rippling effect out into the world that continuously supports you and rewires the world stage, feeding back into your own life in profound ways. 

In this course, we will demystify 5 Principles and Practices that are both commonly known yet widely misunderstood, and can feel overwhelming. Even though you engage in these every day, some of them leave you feeling emotionally exhausted, confused, and disconnected. As we explore these principles together, you will see they have a profound impact on your level of inner power and fulfillment.  As they deepen within you, your foundation of power will grow and your life will transform. 

Replace Insecurity with Insight...

Worry with Wisdom...

Panic with Peace...

Uncertainty with Understanding...

Turmoil with Trust...

There is a higher octave of awareness that buoys us through challenging times, and heightens our gratitude and joy in the best of times. Through practicing the 5 Principles, your world opens to this possibility on a daily basis. You learn to master your mind and your attention to focus on what you want rather than feeling victimized in what you don't want. You learn to trust beyond your feelings of limited control, and you amplify your inner power through aligning with a bigger picture. 

The transformational power of this 7-week course

with Melanie will offer you... 

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Week 1: 


(Date and time)

One of the most valuable things we can do when embarking on a new journey is to prepare ourselves mentally and physically. For the journey ahead, that means there are key areas we want to bring forward to set ourselves up for success and to make the process more meaningful, more graceful, and more applicable to our own lives. So often we take courses that give us the broad strokes that are exciting and inspiring but don’t really help us make the real changes we want in our lives. My intention is to do everything I can to make this experience one that you can truly incorporate into your life in a real way that supports you fully. Rather than having a lightning-speed learning that only lasts temporarily, this course is designed to give you a real foundation you can build on for the rest of your life.


In this first session we will:


  • Clarify the 7-Week process and details of your journey


  • Learn to create space for maximum success 


  • Promote clarity and calm


  • Share time management techniques to support you along the way


  • Set intentions to anchor the Quality of your experience  

Week 2:  Principle 1


(Date and time)

In your second week you will be introduced to the foundational principle of Projection. How projection works in your life is an essential awareness if you are to heal your issues and challenges and create an empowered reality. Understanding how projection works in your life frees up tremendous energy to make choices more easily and clearly, without so much backstory and drama holding on to your every move. 


During this call we will explore:


  • The types of projection operating in your life and how they develop


  • How you are responding to life and what that creates


  • Where victim consciousness comes from and how to heal it


  • Ancestral Patterning and how it holds you in its grip


  • Deep tracking of patterns for release and healing

Week 3:  Principle 1


(Date and time)

Contrary to popular belief, Responsibility in its integrity makes life easier, not harder. It brings people closer together and creates more harmonious relationships. It is a foundation of our inner power and strength. As we explore Responsibility, we will be opening ourselves to a deeper, more sacred understanding of what this really means. You will have the opportunity here to refine your own sense of Responsibility in your life and in this world through a more conscious practice of seeing and engaging with what is real, not story.


In our third week together you will discover:


  • How Responsibility has most widely operated in our society to date and a new understanding of an easier life path with full responsibility


  • Making choices that are empowering instead of diminishing

  • The trap of “Because” and how it undermines your peace

  • How to stand strong and clear in our choices through Internal Referencing


  • Values to Consider that have Considerable Value


  • Reverse Engineering our Experiences for deeper self-awareness and solutions to life’s challenges

Week 4:  Principle 3


(Date and time)

Communication is not a one-way street, or even a two-way street. It is a highly potentialized environment, an unfolding way to connect with one another at the most satisfying levels, and it is as important in the good times as in the difficult times. It opens our hearts, it allows us to heal, it can unite the world and unite us with our highest Self. Watching communication breakdowns are painful, and in this week we will explore ways to create a continuous flow of empowering communication. 


Our Fourth week together will bring:


  • Communication as a 4-way street


  • An understanding of how to shift our attention for enhanced communication


  • Conditioning as a path of awareness in our communication styles


  • The Waves of Inward to Outward Communicating


  • Discovery of how to negotiate Facts and Assumptions


  • Insight into Requests and Demands


  • Conscious ways to build intimacy when we need to say “I’m sorry”

Week 5:  Principle 4 


(Date and time)

In an ever-quickening and complex world, we are moving away from time to take care of each other and the larger context of life and toward all of the complexities of just taking care of ourselves and our immediate families. It can be exhausting at times. We have relationships with friends and family and co-workers, but what is the quality of those relationships? How do we value those relationships? What does it mean to even establish a relationship? In the best case, we experience our own generosity and relationships flourish as a result. It can be challenging to be generous when we feel so pushed to our limits, and yet it is a key to thriving relationships with ourselves and others.


As we explore this Principle you will gain insight into:


  • The ripple effects of building healthy relationships


  • The power of Generosity in a generative perpetual flow of abundance


  • Building Trust in relationships as one of our greatest teachers


  • Relationships as the key to a happy life — inward to outward


  • When to let go of relationships that no longer serve us

Week 6:  Principle 5 


(Date and time)

Practicing magic isn’t about conjuring spells and manipulating others. Magic is all around us, it is the natural order of the cosmos, and is energetically available to us to co-create a quality of life that we desire, to heal us, to inspire us, to connect us with our highest vision of ourselves and our purpose, and to unite us with the divine powers of the Universe, however we define that. Albert Einstein knew this, and through time so have many other philosophers, physicists, spiritualists and extraordinary people all around the world. We are designed to collaborate with magic on an every day basis, to see it, feel it and co-create with it.


In this session I will guide you toward:


  • Ideas you naturally align with that put you on the magical path


  • Mindset shifts: possibilities over limitations


  • Using the natural world as your muse and co-creator


  • Seeing what has heretofore been invisible


  • Trusting the power of manifestation in your own life


  • Attracting creative ideas that feed the realization of your dreams

Week 7: 


(Date and time)

After weeks together setting the stage and practicing the 5 Principles, you will be in an extraordinary position to experience shifts in your life and feel closer to your visions and dreams. You will have tools to level-up your relationships through better communication, stronger self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of your inner landscape! This will be a congratulatory and celebratory moment! 

Undoubtedly there will also be the need for clarification, sharing wins, intentions and accomplishments going forward. When one person shares, we all benefit through deeper learning. This week will be your opportunity to clarify what is essential for you in this time of personal evolution.  

We will spend time together discovering what is next for us and sharing opportunities for ongoing growth. You will have new skills that will ask for deeper immersion in your life so that you can truly build and sustain the best version of your life over time. Support is essential. I will share tools and opportunities that will help you stay on track individually and with group support. 

Tropical Leaves

Meet your Guide

Melanie Hutton, M.A., is a Spiritual Psychology Practitioner who combines the best of both worlds to assist people in discovering their deeper selves in service to clearing issues, patterns and blocks and creating a life that is aligned with their highest values and clarity. She has spent decades cultivating a unique system of healing wounds and activating dreams, writing and working with clients to discover their deep empowerment. 

"You are the most beautiful Mystery you will ever experience."

What you will Receive ...

Seven 2-Hour Video Live Interactive Course Calls

Seven Video Recordings of all Course Calls

Interactive Group Coaching

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