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Living from Inner Power

5 Principles for Cultivating

Innate Wisdom and Deeper Joy or Your Resilient Spirit

with Melanie Hutton, Founder of Innertegrity

FREE Live Zoom event

Limited Seating

Saturday, August 8, 2020

1-3pm Pacific, 4-6pm Eastern

  • Even if you feel the world is spinning out of control...

  • Even if you are feeling stressed...

  • Even if your relationships are a daily struggle...

  • Even if you feel Fear holding you back…

  • Even if a happy life feels a million miles away…

  • Even if you struggle to make ends meet financially…

Experience the
Renewal of your Resilient Spirit

What will you Receive from this?


  • Feel more in control of your life

  • Trust that you have what it takes to create the life you really want

  • Experience better relationships, more creativity and more abundance in your life

  • Have more time for the things you love

  • Eradicate Boredom and feel Inspired

  • Redefine your challenges to Thrive

5 Principles and Practices that will help you 

find your Inner Strength, Wisdom,

Integrity and Empowerment...

1. Understand why you make the choices you make and how that can remain hidden to you, causing countless moments of frustration and misunderstanding. Learn to see this hidden part of your life and work with it to bring greater awareness to your life experience.

2.  We can't control the world, but we can control how we are in the world. There is a simple and incredibly powerful principle that unlocks the door to you experiencing much more control and integrity in your daily life, and the outcome of this is greater respect and power. Learn how to harness this principle and use it to charge yourself up and be your best self.

3. Learn how to relate with others from a place that is much more deeply aware, real, compassionate, and clear. Spend much more time in harmony and much less time in conflict and drama.

4.  Life is about relationships! What holds you back from having the quality of relationships you truly desire? What hidden factors keep you from experiencing the power of relationships? Learn your personal dynamic patterns and begin to weave relationships that create win-win opportunities for everyone throughout your life span. 

5.  Tap into a universal awareness that has the capacity to help you manifest your desires, your Joy, your abundance, and a daily awe that you have heretofore not experienced. 

Take a new stand today to create a deeply satisfying life.

It is within your reach, so come explore your Inner Power today!

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Meet your Guide

Melanie Hutton, M.A., is a Spiritual Psychology Practitioner who combines the best of both worlds to assist people in discovering their deeper selves in service to clearing issues, patterns and blocks and creating a life that is aligned with their highest values and clarity. She has spent decades cultivating a unique system of healing wounds and activating dreams, writing and working with clients to discover their deep empowerment. 

"You are the most beautiful Mystery you will ever experience."

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