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Discovering Your Happy

It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants.

What are you industrious about?

-- Henry David Thoreau

I was thinking about Happiness and sustainable Joy today. I was thinking about what we need to be happy and how we think that needs to look.

In a world of so much going on, our brains processing multiple ideas and activities simultaneously, isn’t it amazing how much time we can fill doing things that don’t have real meaning for us, maybe even a whole day? We may have been “productive” with errands, householding, work, and attending to other people’s needs. Yet we fall into bed at the end of a long day and not a drop is left for us to really experience OURSELVES…our own vibrant nature.

I see Energy toward productivity and activity as flowing in specific directions. It can move in a straight line or in a circular flow that connects at both ends. In the straight line model, we are sending and externalizing energy outward, often in one direction, away from us—to our jobs, giving to companies so they can profit, to our families to sustain them, to our communities. Certainly, we benefit from what we do for others—one of my great inspirations is to bring people together to celebrate their creativity and experience their joy. So often, though, the energetic straight line is extended from and by us with a sense of obligation and without conscious regard to energizing our inner resources, and this takes a lot of, well, energy. Conversely, feeding ourselves with our creative flow and joyful nature and then extending that energy through the activity, we are nourished through breath, intention, and vision. The circular flow is complete, and regenerative. It allows us to be more spontaneous in how we give because we have a wellspring of creative energy circulating.

So how do we give from creative inspiration, and encourage that circular flow of energy? By experiencing our own creative nature, directly, and actively. Our creative nature gives us not a theoretical, but a direct experience of our unique, non-duplicatable Self, in all of its colors and shapes, a view into the extra-ordinary, the outcome of which is likely a generative sense of wonder in not only being a creative human but also being woven into a unified creative humanity.

HUMANS ARE CREATIVE. It must be consciously experienced to understand, and provides constant curiosity about how we can play in this world. It’s a much larger playing field, a big game with plenty of room for everyone. Creative energy is always cycling, through us into our world and back again, providing inspired action and purpose as we serve others, stay productive, and love. The direct experience of our creativity is food for our true nature and nourishes us so we can much more fully enjoy life. To me, this is a version of Happy.

I invite you to tap into that creative nature and discover your Happy. You can CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE Exploration Session with me to dive into the direct experience of your Creative essence and truly thrive.

Warmly... Melanie

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