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"Peeling​ Back the Layers"
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From the Insight Out

“The deeper wisdom that lives inside—once its activated—it shows us things, we see what we previously did not see, and opportunities present themselves, or do they?

Perhaps they were there all of the time.”

We live in a time of saturation, with information and development, driving our experiences at faster rates all the time. Available to us are so many possibilities, personally, professionally and globally—more than ever before—and we can indiscriminately grab onto as much as possible and try to make something out of it, especially if someone tells us it’s a good idea. Lots of external stimulus, lots of overload, no space for inner wisdom to be apprehended, let alone experienced.

A new acronym has hit the streets, FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. No really, look it up. It’s in the dictionary. Journalists do segments on it. People suffer from real anxiety and fear that they are missing out on experiences that others may be having that they are not having. And there are a LOT of experiences to be had. Maybe you have even felt this at some point. I know I have. Especially with online acceleration in personal, business and financial domains, we can become obsessed with not missing out on cutting edge information which, by not having it, we are convinced could cost us our perfect mate, the next best financial tip, the perfect vacation, or the next big idea. So our days can be spent primarily trying to align with external information rather than listening to inner wisdom. In this wild spin cycle, we can feel a bit wrung out at the end of it. The worst part is how it feels when our effort doesn’t yield anything and we feel we wasted our time.

You don’t have to stress to work on IT…IT will work on YOU.

I notice a fundamental idea that keeps cycling back when I think of what is most important to focus on in life: It begins within us, in our deep wisdom, where insight lives. I have always highly valued efficiency, and I continue to experience that the most direct and efficient path leading to action is that which is inspired from within that connects us to the external world. There is a very clean correlation between what our Soul and Personality are naturally coded for, and opportunities that are presented to us. We don’t need to try to fit the square peg into the round hole.

Let me share an example. I am a singer, songwriter and musician. I have composed and produced three albums and in each case, from the very beginning, I held a clear intention. That intention was that the music and songs would come through my Soul organically and effortlessly, intuitively and spontaneously, and I didn’t need to struggle to make that happen. And honestly, that’s exactly what happened. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a lot of work to do to produce and engineer the music. But the flow of the material was quite blissful to experience, that what I most wanted to express was coming through, and all I needed to do was listen closely and document it properly. This type of flow didn’t feel like hard work, it felt fluid and effortless. It just happened. It worked on me and drove me to take action. It was a very full experience, and in my opinion a much more satisfying one.

So my invitation to you is to consider tapping into your Insight first, your Soul and Personality, with intention, and letting that inspire you into action.

If you would like support in tapping insight, give yourself the gift of a FREE Exploration Session with me. Together we will discover how this can happen in your life.

Supporting your Happiness, Melanie

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