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"Peeling Back the Layers"

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A Beautiful World Awaits...

I’ve been thinking, and talking, a lot lately about the causes of personal and collective suffering. It is clear we have complicated our lives so much that taking the time to simply be with and consciously work with that which triggers stress, anxiety, depression and a basic discomfort in daily life can seem overwhelming and impossible. We are being conditioned to believe that taking medications to relieve the symptoms is the best strategy, often to the exclusion of taking the necessary time to do the very rich and deep work that is essential to pop through the veil of suffering and see the symptoms for what they are—an overlay to an underlying radical distortion in our perceptions, initially developed in childhood, not our fault, and not who we actually are.

There is a profoundly vast world living inside of us and informing our daily lives, some of it informing us in positive productive ways and some of it in unconscious destructive patterning. When we begin to consciously access this world, aspects can be terrifying on our first encounter, as the surreal dreamscape of our imaginations can show us imagery of those parts living in the shadows of our being as the stuff of nightmares. But, there is an inner wisdom council at the ready to help us heal in this very realm, and there are beautiful inner landscapes we can access to take us to higher ground and heal our wounding through compassion, insight and clarity. I know this territory as metaphor, and its aim is to show us where we unknowingly imprisoned ourselves in distorted perception a long time ago, based on a limited maturity, and certainly based on often unaware and misguided conditioning from our parents and others who also struggled with their own demons. I have seen my own “little girl” in some inner environments that left her feeling deeply alone and scared, and through the work I’ve watched her blossom into the strong, wise and purposeful being she was meant to be, my steady ally in life.