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A New Energy...A New Story

OK, first I just need to say in full transparency that writing this blog was challenging! I love it when I feel inspired by an idea, write about it, and quite quickly it feels on target and ready to share. This time, writing about Energy got so complex and convoluted that I found my myself losing the initial intention and asking myself, “What the heck am I writing about?!” It all became a whole lot of blah blah blah. I mean, Energy is a BIG word, and in so many ways out of my league. I’m always going for a certain gut feeling of rightness when I put a blog out, and that feeling wasn’t there. Twice. Ugh…

So, I’m starting again, attempting to share about a New Energy, for a New Year, as I’ve experienced it. How do we honor this new start, this new opportunity, to step a little closer to our intention? Whatever it is we really want—how do we get closer to that?

I was thinking about how we perpetuate human stories, how those stories encode as fact in our minds and lock us into our realities. We repeat these stories to others, we think about them, we feed on them, we share them in our families over generations until they become the family story. We organize our entire lives around these stories, and we forget that they are just stories. But stories are powerful! So powerful they can change our entire course in life. They change our minds, they change our relationships, they even change us on a cellular level. Stories are a form of energy, and energy travels without boundaries of time and space. They can liberate us or enslave us. And behind every story is the energy field circulating it on a deeper level in us and outward into the world of effects.

“Everything is Energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you will get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” — Einstein

We are all bringing stories into 2022. We are carrying the energy of these stories into this new year, and we are mentally, emotionally, and physically manifesting effects, or symptoms, from them. To the extent that our story is creating symptoms of suffering for us, we often attempt to alleviate the symptoms without ever looking at the cause of the suffering which actually exists in the energy field itself. Moreover, if this story, this energy, has been passed to us through collective or family conditioning, which it very often has, we may be carrying generations of energy. The story becomes the energy bath we literally soak in. Sometimes we drown.

But a moment of liberation comes when we realize that because stories are energy, and energy is mutable, we can dance with it through deeper awareness. In a sense we can learn to see it without so much ownership of it. By recognizing the energy for what it is, and using our inner wisdom resources to investigate its source underneath the symptoms, we can more consciously choose whether it is our story, or not. We can choose a different story, creating a different energy field. Energy is not personal, and we don’t need to take it personally. Energy moves and organizes organically and without judgment. It is up to us to discern what is best for us to begin a new pattern of organization. It may have been someone’s choice at some point, or a collective societal choice. Chances are, it was unconscious and not wisely chosen if it continues to create suffering. We can free ourselves by choosing new patterns, with our intention and attention, eventually rewiring our brain to adopt a new energy for ourselves and for the higher good of our future generations. And let me tell you, this is a GOOD feeling!

What story will you adopt this year that will create an energy field that you experience as inspiring, empowering, more deeply communicative and caring, more creative and passionate? What choices have you already made that make you feel alive and strong and purposeful? Tap into that feeling to help you resolve the suffering parts you have funded so far. Your choices will create an energy field that will either serve the status quo or help elevate you and ultimately humanity. They don’t need to be loud choices, but they do need to be clear.

A new energy is always available to us. We don’t need a January 1 for that, but it is a worthy ritual to take this time—this colder, darker, more inward time—to look more deeply at the energy we are carrying forward into our perceived future.

Thank you for bearing with me on this one. I’m not a physicist, just a lay metaphysicist, so please pardon lingo that may not line up with academic terminology. I share in the spirit of invitation to higher ground, as always…

Happy New Year! Melanie

Need help choosing a new story? I can help. Email me at, or visit my website at

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