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Attracting Anger...

August 2022: Blog

Everything is energy. The more we are aware of this, the more mindful we become of how energy flows and how we attract it. Energy doesn’t take sides, isn’t discriminatory. It just keeps flowing. It’s up to us, using our innate intelligence and power of discernment to DECIDE how we participate in that flow of the energy field.

Our tendency, from eons of human misinterpretation and conditioning, is to respond to the flow of energy of things we do not like with negativity and negative emotionality. We don’t realize that we have placed ourselves at the bullseye of the very negative energy field we do not like.

Take anger for example. We become angry at someone for something they did. That anger builds and festers in us, disrupting our day or even longer. What we have actually done is made ourselves the arrow’s target for that energy field that carries anger. While we justify this anger, we then blame them for causing our anger, which just keeps building the energy of anger within us. We come to a boiling point, all the while thinking that it is that other person’s fault.

One of the awakened truths about forgiveness is that we do not forgive to condone the acts of others that may be criminal, unethical or unkind. We forgive to free ourselves from the energy field that holds us locked into negativity, which causes a depletion to our bodies and minds. The same holds true for holding anger. Kinesiologically, human muscle and tissue actually respond to negative thoughts and emotions by weakening. During high stress, the adrenaline and cortisol stimulate the muscles for action, but when general negative thinking is tested, the muscles are actually weaker. Perpetuating the feelings of anger within us weakens us, and why would we want that? Allowing anyone else’s behavior to weaken us emotionally and physically is the very thing we don’t want. So, freeing ourselves of the anger through more mindful and awakened reframing actually strengthens us. It is the wise person who can see anger for what it is, and work with it, to learn and grow and transcend rather than diminish one’s own power by taking it on. Another person’s behavior may not be what we would choose in our own life, but embodying anger as a response is in essence choosing to participate in that very depleting energy field that we say we don’t agree with. Saying “No” to a behavior, or not accepting the behavior is different, it is our claim to participate in an energy field of our choosing. This choosing is refined over time through practice and attunement to our deep value system, our inner compass. No and Yes go together. When we say No to something we need to be clear about what our Yes is and ride that wave. Saying No just because we don’t feel like it is not utilizing our innate higher awareness and intelligence, it is a childish response. Children are very wise, but they haven’t yet developed their higher awareness in a way that is consciously articulated. But they do possess an innate wisdom that is in bloom. The best thing parents can do is to encourage this wisdom to come out in their children and to guide them to journey that wisdom to critical thought and articulation, and integration with universal law, so they know what they are saying No and Yes to.

Secondly, just because we choose to personalize anger doesn’t mean it’s personal. Anger is just energy. We choose to identify with it and make it personal, or not. Does it work? Does anger help a situation? Pay attention the next time you choose anger. Investigate it deeply, maybe not in the moment unless you can, but at least soon after. Write about it. Track it. Find out what it does for you. You might find that the anger isn’t even your’s really. It might be a conditioned default response you learned from family. It might be connected to something deeper inside of you that needs healing. My teachers used to say, we are not angry “because” in a given situation, we are just angry. Investigate what the anger is, and this will guide you down a path below it, to the root cause, and ultimately if you stick with it to the healing and the forgiveness and resolution. The outcome of this is you become keenly aware when you become angry that you have a choice, and a path of healing in a particular area, rather than putting your attention on externalizing that anger onto the other person which is rather unproductive. A positive benefit of this is that over time you find you are more neutral in similar situations, much less triggered than you used to be. What a freedom that is!

In a world full of anger, this is a noble pursuit, yes? I wish you many moments of freedom as You claim dominion over anger and experience more trust, more sovereignty, more inner power.

Warmly, Melanie

Please contact me at to further investigate your own path to inner power and release anger. Or go to to book a complimentary initial session with me.

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