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Choice is our Most Important Anchor...

There is a new book out called THE END OF EVERYTHING, by Katie Mack, Theoretical Cosmologist, that for me stirs a question related to something Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of--a moral justice prevailing--albeit on the largest cosmological scale possible in the author’s macro perspective. Her astrophysical projection doesn’t end well, but apparently we have tens of billions of years to get used to that.

Meanwhile, this got me thinking about things not ending well, not always turning out rosy in the balance. It’s like we always have this force pulling on us in two directions, where we can focus on the dark or the light in each moment. For many, this force feels strongly enough out of their personal control as to create a disconnect or even an existential schism, which can be scary and profoundly disorienting. Imagine having to make life choices from that place!

Choice, conscious choice, is our most important anchor, and I’m suggesting it is a more powerful force for our good and a sense of control than we often realize. In a reality where we simply don’t have full control, where we cannot just glide through life with only desired experiences and