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For those Feeling the Panic…

Well, there’s always something to learn in the present circumstance right? No matter what’s going on, there is a teaching moment where we get to decide how we will deal with the issue at hand, because we certainly can’t control it. Sometimes we are happy with how we deal with an issue, and sometimes we’re not. I’m always reminded of the quote, “The way we deal with the issue IS the issue.” And in that there is great opportunity to learn and grow.

And sometimes, the more we feel we have done to evolve ourselves, the more pressure we can put on ourselves to handle a situation correctly, to rise above the circumstance with equanimity and clarity.

So here we are, a world largely shut down with a new coronavirus, and many are panicking about what is happening and what is predicted. Some are vacillating between panic and relative calm, finding themselves in panic mode over and over and exhausting themselves with it, emotionally and immunologically. Trying NOT to panic tends to have the effect of stressing the body and mind more, when the underlying fears that have been there all along rise to the surface. And many on this planet have not begun to look at their underlying fears, and what it would really mean to lose that to which we have become so attached. Enter stage right...pandemic, the great teacher.