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For those Feeling the Panic…

Well, there’s always something to learn in the present circumstance right? No matter what’s going on, there is a teaching moment where we get to decide how we will deal with the issue at hand, because we certainly can’t control it. Sometimes we are happy with how we deal with an issue, and sometimes we’re not. I’m always reminded of the quote, “The way we deal with the issue IS the issue.” And in that there is great opportunity to learn and grow.

And sometimes, the more we feel we have done to evolve ourselves, the more pressure we can put on ourselves to handle a situation correctly, to rise above the circumstance with equanimity and clarity.

So here we are, a world largely shut down with a new coronavirus, and many are panicking about what is happening and what is predicted. Some are vacillating between panic and relative calm, finding themselves in panic mode over and over and exhausting themselves with it, emotionally and immunologically. Trying NOT to panic tends to have the effect of stressing the body and mind more, when the underlying fears that have been there all along rise to the surface. And many on this planet have not begun to look at their underlying fears, and what it would really mean to lose that to which we have become so attached. Enter stage right...pandemic, the great teacher.

We cannot resolve all of our issues overnight, or through this one challenge. But if we have fundamental unresolved shadow issues, they will arise through any challenging situation. Trying to make the fear they evoke go away isn’t really a sustainable healthy strategy, because we spend too much time judging the panic, succumbing to it, or trying to cover it up and assuage our discomfort with positive thinking.

But I figure, since everyone is staying in and keeping to themselves anyway, what better time to sit down, pull out your journal, and dive in. Give yourself a good chunk of time, uninterrupted, and start writing. Let it be free-form, stream-of-consciousness, nonsensical even. Just start writing. Set a timer for a minimum of 20 minutes of straight writing. And don’t stop. Write about what is upsetting you and making you feel panic. Write through any emotions that come up, even if you have to blow your nose with your other hand. You will see that your writing process will take you into a variety of territories, some of it nostalgic, some of it seemingly absurd, some of it superficial, some of it painful, and some of it deeply revelatory. As you write, let the inner parts of you who feel all of this fear and panic have a voice, and let the part write its story as well. How old is this part? What is it needing? What is it wanting to say? What has it been struggling with or anguishing over? How is it asking for your help? This disowned part lives within the shadow, and it has a purpose, and a voice, and is ultimately your ally. So let it speak to you. Let it help you better understand who you are, your inner landscape, and what drives you to the emotions you feel. It can even help you with its buried wisdom, even if it is a part that feels very young. Young parts, and young people, have great untapped wisdom to share. As you write, let this dialogue with these parts embrace a full exploration of the imagery, the feelings, the memories, and the interpretations of the life experiences that have fed you throughout your life until now.

Through this exploration, understanding begins to coalesce, the greater story and picture of You. Some of it will include choices you have made that have not been in your best interest or in the best interest of others. But these choices were made with incomplete understanding of the bigger picture, and these parts were operating you with disempowered interpretations, and a lack of loving awareness. They were scared, and living in panic every time they got triggered. So get close to them, and love them, and align with them with choices you can make now that are more expansive, intentional, meaningful and joyful, connected with your higher values. These parts are precious, and are meant to be loved and respected, not judged. As you write, forgive the judgments you have held about them and about your own actions because of them. And celebrate and feel the gratitude for the wisdom that has arisen through this exploration, that which has been hidden in the shadows until now.

Resolve to make different choices, and commit to those new choices in writing. Dialogue with these parts for a minimum of 30 days. Put it on your calendar to reconnect every day for at least 5 minutes. The gift of right now is that we have slowed down, the many things we normally do are set aside and we can turn within.

The result of this turning within will ultimately bring more peace, not less. It will ultimately buoy us up with more awareness of our strength, our resilience, our wisdom. And in these times, this is an incredible opportunity.

A Person at Peace is a World at Peace.

Sending each and all great blessings of peace...Melanie

If you feel stuck, I am here to help you. I am happy to guide you through your inner landscape to find the place that trusts and knows peace. Email me at or visit my website at

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