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"Peeling​ Back the Layers"
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"It Really Doesn't Matter"

Nowadays that title above is a loaded one, and will likely ruffle some feathers. It seems that we currently live in a culture where people expect everything to matter. But maybe we are unintentionally conditioning ourselves to focus on possibly the very thing we don’t want?

When I say “It really doesn’t matter,” I mean that more often than not, we are focusing on a more superficial picture of what we either want or don’t want, the part that is more about against-ness, the part that doesn’t really serve the greater story. When I ask myself “does this matter?” it often leads me to realize that I am limiting my mind to a smaller possibility and creating stress for myself because of it. This question helps me let go and open to a larger possibility.

I find myself practicing something on a regular basis that speaks to this idea. When I find myself in any kind of stress, anxiety, or expectation of some outcome that is primarily aligned with my mental ideas and constructs, my opinions—let’s say my ego—when I prioritize that over the vibration of universal flow that actually is more infinitely wise and constructive, I notice that I experience a sense of literally turning my back on a larger possibility of what is best, one that I’m not sensing in the moment. For example, I expect an important phone call and do not get it, and instead of trusting that there is a good reason why the call has not come in yet, I go into judgment that it has not arrived. When I step back from this, and trust the larger universal flow more than my expectation, often I find that the call does come in at the right time, even at the perfect time. And in the meantime something wonderful is happening.

We are all operating on a spectrum of thought, expectation and judgment, rather than exhaling, breathing, and using both our critical thinking and spiritual understanding to relax into the reality of what is and align with that from a deeper discernment. Do you notice this in your own life? Do you notice yourself becoming tense or anxious about something, right in the middle of the experience, and make assumptions about its outcome? The invitation is to engage curiosity and see if it is appropriate to surrender that moment to a larger idea that better serves you and those around you. Some might call this faith. It is not knowing exactly how something might happen but trusting that it or something better will if we pay attention to a greater wisdom. It’s actually fun to experiment with this and watch what happens. I have had innumerable moments of being so delighted and tickled that my letting go of a constrained idea put me right in the sweet spot of the perfect plan.

While we are getting used to this new state of being, we can also experience discomfort, annoyance, defensiveness, rationalization. Rather than using these anxieties to prove ourselves right and the flow state wrong, it is possible to simply experiment mindfully until the trust and surrender into the natural order of things supersedes the mind constraints. Just like working out the muscles, this particular muscle can be engaged until we have more and more fluid moments of going straight to trusting the process.

Abraham Hicks says, “We don’t create by bringing dust together to force it into a diamond with the power of our mind. We rendezvous with the diamond, or the desire. We rendezvous with it in the realm where it is created, the dimension where it exists.” I love that. We can rendezvous with the part of us that trusts that we are in the sweet spot and await its revelation in the right ways.

I have a friend who used to annoy the heck out of me by being late or seemingly inconsiderate with timing. Maybe you can relate? In any case I am not promoting tardiness or keeping people waiting and personally choose not to do that out of consideration for others. However, I have noticed over time that this person seems to arrive or land right in the sweet spot more often than not. I think they are practicing what I’m talking about, although I also believe that they are likely missing a piece of it as it relates to consideration for others. It may work out in their personal ethos, but another evolution would be for them to also be in agreement with others when making earthly plans. Still, I notice that they are operating in some form of a flow state and this part of it interests me very much.

When we peel back the layers, we can partner with a deeper and more sustainable vision and let that current drive us forward, skimming over drama and perceived roadblocks with more ease. We can liberate ourselves from a daily insidious practice of perpetuating our own discomfort. We can open ourselves to a way of being that holds a higher vision for our life and all life. In a highly industrialized and technological world, we can practice an alignment which has been alive since the beginning of time and is now more than ever an essential ingredient to our peace and happiness.

May your Thanksgiving and holiday season be abundant with gratitude,


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