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Responses that May Help...

I read a news article recently about a celebrity and their experience as a media target. Their reaction, as the article said, was to cry for two weeks about it, and continue to cry for years over the hardship. I feel compassion for the incredible pressure a celebrity feels being under the magnifying glass for everything they do and how stressful that can be. But when this particularly celebrity spoke about their long spiritual focus, it made me wonder if they weren’t missing a huge opportunity here as a public figure who influences millions.

Celebrities have been scrutinized since humans came up with the idea to make certain people celebrities, and that was a long time ago. We have some collective need to place people on pedestals, and then knock them off and watch what happens when they fall. They take the fall with a spectrum of reactions and responses, and it is this that I believe applies to all of us in our collective evolution.

I was struck by how this celebrity described their experience over a span of decades, and spoke only to the hardship of being unfairly scrutinized and criticized, and while claiming their spirituality, they never spoke to what was actually true for them on any level of learning or growth, in their own experience. They only articulated the level of the problem, their perceived victimization. It reminded me of the Einstein saying about solving a problem at the level of the solution, not the problem. It makes sense right? We need to bring new and solution-oriented awareness in order for real change to happen. An expansive consciousness allows for an expansive view into the realm of the solution. This celebrity had the opportunity to share their spiritual perspective since they claimed that was so important to them, for the benefit of others who also struggle. But they didn’t.

We project the content of our consciousness, and most if not all of us have some level of wounding that informs how we respond, no matter how big our hearts are, or how good our intentions are, or even how much work we’ve done. So practicing respondin