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"Peeling Back the Layers"

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Surrender is NOT Giving Up

It seems like I am having more conversations with people who are making some type of transition in their life. I myself am shifting, moving from a home I have lived in for over a decade and into a new exciting chapter. Another leap of faith in an ongoing life adventure. I see the waves of attachment versus surrender to a larger vision flowing through me.

Right now there is this sense, for many, of so much coming at us at once. Climate disasters, pandemics and distancing from those we love, cultural shutdown, economic breakdown, racist division, violence, educational confusion, political upheaval and uncertainty about the future. All of this can either be overwhelmingly painful or we can numb ourselves in order to cope with the scope of it. Hopefully for many of you reading this, you also see this time as the natural law of chaos before order playing out, and a breaking down of old unhealthy paradigms in order to build better ones. Still, it feels uncomfortable in its unprecedented nature.