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The Opportunity of Negative Thinking...

Usually, when a negative thought arises, we follow that thread, enable it, and it often takes us into a rumination that increases the negative thought or supports it in some way. We then go about trying to fix things in that negative space. More, we justify the negativity as something that is real, that causes us pain and disappointment, we blame it, and the cycle continues. All pretty standard practice…

I had a gorgeous spontaneous experience recently that reminded me there is another way…a very empowering way. I found myself thinking about a couple of different events happening in my life that were causing frustration in my mind. I was very aware of how draining this kind of thought process was to my whole system, and I immediately moved my attention to gratitude, imagination, my connection with the universe, breathing deeply into that vast open space that only wants to shower me with goodness, and felt an entire shift within me and within my mind. It was quite extraordinary and powerful, and it lasted. I recognized that it was this negative thinking that was a positive trigger for me, to move my awareness to a different place that was vastly more affirming and freeing. So, rather than judging the negative thinking, I was able to view it as a wake up call to claim the space that felt much more empowering, and this time at an exalted level. I felt very connected with the universal flow that is holding nothing back from me, except as I pretend it does in my mind. And here’s the thing… Most of our negative thinking involves some buried belief that someone or something actually has an agenda to limit us, that there is an intentional ‘againstness.’ And we often think, “if only…” were happening instead, things would be much better. The wise person knows this is perception only and not the truth. As Rev. Michael Beckwith urges, “Stop arguing for your limitations.”

There are two paths with negative thinking, as I see it. One is to ruminate on the thoughts that support any version of something or someone being against us and holding us back. The other path is to see it as a trigger to guide us to a higher vision, the more cooperative and collaborative energy that we are not separate from, and to use our faculties of imagination and feeling to align us with a more direct inner experience of that which we truly want. I think it's a great way to spend time.

You might say, “you make it sound much easier than it is.“ I agree, it does take some practice to fluidly move to higher states of awareness, and quickly. Over the decades I have experienced many spontaneous glimpses of things that today are much more anchored in my consciousness and easier to access. So I guess what I’m saying is it’s never too late to start and it is a deeply meaningful practice that can only serve us and others around us as we refine it. There is also a trust and a grace that result from the insights which are extremely satisfying on a human level. I daresay it is the holy grail of human experience to feel so deeply connected, to feel that freedom that does not depend on life’s circumstances for our sense of self or worthiness.

As humans we will likely always be filtering negative thoughts through our minds. It’s what we do with these that counts. It’s the vibrational thought we choose to put our attention on that will adjust our experience moment by moment. It’s our responsibility to choose wisely on behalf of ourselves and on behalf of humanity.

So here we go…1, 2, 3, 4.

  1. Be aware of your negative thought and rumination

  2. Be aware of what you want that this thought seems to limit or negate

  3. Breathe into and imagine a limitless version of that which you want to experience and keep going until you really sense it in your mind and in your body. Connect with whatever you call on as a Guide and let that energy help you.

  4. Be kind to yourself and don’t judge. Just keep practicing.

I’d love to hear how this practice serves you to transform negative thinking into empowered experience.

Thanks for reading!


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