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"When we are Ready..."

It’s an interesting thing, being Ready. We hear it a lot. We talk about relationships and might say, “I’m not ready.” We want to start a new venture or business and hear ourselves or others saying, “I’m not quite ready.” We want to buy a home or car and think, “I’m not there yet.” This really struck me the other day as I was talking with a friend about “not being ready.”

So I decided to break it down a bit and analyze it, because one of the things I’m passionate about is experiencing more awareness and alignment with what I’m actually saying, and what it means to me. One of the main things I noticed in this conversation with my friend was that there was also a sense of what we WERE ready for. In other words, I am Ready for THIS, but I’m Not Ready for THAT. But we seemed to be circling our discussion around the Not Ready parts. You see where I’m going with this? How much time do we spend shutting the faucet off on energizing what we ARE ready for as we put our energy into what we are NOT ready for. I have to laugh right now because I notice I am capitalizing a lot of words! I think I’m really trying to get something across here.

In any case, this whole idea of what we are ready or not for is a conversation I hear happening around me and within my own discussions a lot, and I think that there is a part of this that is inviting us to tune in more deeply to what we are ready for and throw our energy behind that. Maybe that's more direct in the long run? It’s akin to the idea we’ve all heard, the one that says, “Don’t talk about what you don’t want, talk about what you do want.” Notice I didn’t capitalize anything there.

This then is just a quick reminder to each of us to notice when we are putting something we don’t feel ready for at the forefront of our attention, and what effect that has on us. Is it helpful? Does it clarify anything for us? Then, when we claim what we are ready for, does that feel more empowering or clear for us? Does it help us move forward in our lives the way we want? Are both perspectives helpful? I’m going to be practicing this myself over the next several weeks to see what happens. I’ll report back.

Please feel free to comment below or share your own experiments and findings with this. Let’s figure this out together!

Warmly, Melanie

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