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Creativity Rising!

Our world is at a shift point, and we can feel it, whether it is through our inspiration or our deep discomfort. Old modes of being just aren’t working anymore. We can feel it under our skin, in our psyches. We talk often of technology and our world, and there is a concurrent shift rising up that undergirds all of this movement. That shift is Creativity.

Creativity is rising and calling to us to change our world by creating, by being the creative essence that brings change into form through our very living. We are being asked to dig into the depths of our own creative source and bring about something from nothing, to dream up and imagine, and from that create for ourselves, and for humanity. When we are collaborating with our Creative self, we are present and engaged in the world in a vibrant way. We become magicians, we conjure up methodologies and ways of doing things that call on unforeseen parts of ourselves. It is an alchemy like no other. It is personal, and it is transpersonal. For creativity touches people. Your creativity evokes an unpredictable feeling in another, they relate to it in some way and take it with them into their lives. You never know when you will inspire someone. When someone shares with me that my music has inspired them to re-energize their own creative path, whatever that is, I am most happy.

Creativity brings our dreams alive, it takes our deepest heartfelt wishes and whips them into a froth of form. It is catharsis for our unresolved wounds. But there is a deeper reason to engage with our Creative life force. When we observe our world, we are either a bystander watching it happen, and happen to us, or we are engaged in the evolution that is always happening, for better or worse. We are either contributing to a world that reflects our values or a world that spins out of control in contrast to our values. The only way to contribute to a world we want, and thus bring about change, is through the direct experience of our creativity. It puts us on the inside track of world change. Every great thing that we have ever observed in our world has come from the direct experience of someone’s creative engagement. And this direct experience is meant for all of us.

Think about this…There is enough of a creative vacuum in our world that the creative people are creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mimic us! We have so many humans on the planet, and yet robots are being created to do things! What?! We have been given these amazing bodies, minds, and hearts, capable of phenomenal acts of creativity. From conceptualization to actualization, we are mythically designed to create, and wildly create that which most inspires us, delights us, turns us on, for the good of the Whole, for the evolution of humanity. Imagine a world where every human is actively engaged in their creative life and creating for life, creating as a way of life. Being creative calls us into our Now, for our creativity incubates ideas that demand our attention and inspire us to action as they push through us and give birth into our world.

What is your creative contribution to the world? Feel free to leave comments below...

Let’s be the creative force on the planet. We don’t need no stinkin' robots!

Creatively grateful, Melanie

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