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The Other Way Around...

I just spent the Thanksgiving holiday in the snowy Northeast, a beautiful area that fills me with joy every time I visit. I love to spend time with family and friends, and I always make new connections, building a web of connectivity through time. I am grateful for the ways we are able to travel about this planet and have meaningful experiences and create lifelong memories.

One morning over breakfast I was speaking with a young man about his dreams, and what he’d most like to do. He seemed trapped by the idea of needing to take a job to pay bills because he didn’t know how do what he really wanted to do in his chosen field of study. When I probed, he shared a beautiful vision of working with primates, far away, but he spoke of it as almost an unattainable dream. He talked about the catch 22 of not having the experience to get a job but needing the job for the experience. So it seemed as if he was setting up his dream as almost impossible. And my thought was, I agree. Doing it this way does seem difficult and frustrating, and I think it’s why so many people give up on their dreams...because they have it backward. They want the puzzle completed before putting in the first pieces.

So my counsel to him was to turn it around, and start his plan now rather than wait until the future when an opportunity may or may not fall into his lap. I suggested he immediately save to make a trip to this remote locale and commit his next vacation to volunteering with an organization working with these primates, creating relationships, opportunities and learning. Even though he might not be earning immediately, he will begin the process of letting everyone know he is serious about his vision. And, he’ll be creating an amazing experience that he’ll remember for the rest of his life. This kind of commitment is powerful. It reminds me of the idea of cause and effect that Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about, which is that rather than being subject to cause and effect, we are actually on a quantum level causing effect, meaning that the environment inside of us through our thinking, our intention and attention, is creating physical reality. It’s the other way around, see?

When people talk about experiencing life beyond their wildest imagination, they started by taking a risk and taking action without necessarily making money right away or knowing the outcome. They just loved it and built a life around it. They thought it into being.

Building relationships is the key. Everything I have cherished in my work and creative life, and certainly in my personal life, evolved through relationship-building. Giving of ourselves, being generous and creative, learning and staying open, brings so many unexpected blessings and opportunities our way. When we look back we can see that our life is comprised of the intentions we set, the relationships we nurtured, and what life sent our way to fulfill our dreams. At each juncture, we can say Yes, or we can say No, but we have the choice. And that’s what makes our life dynamic. It can be the difference between playing a victim of circumstance and being a sovereign and happy human.

Well, he liked this idea. It seemed to open up possibility for him. It’s dynamic. It’s something to work toward. It’s empowering. It sets him up for a direct experience of his dream. And that will propel him in his life. By making this choice he is creating his circumstances and benefiting from his learning. He will look back and realize he didn’t stand on the sideline of his life watching it go by. He fully played the game.

So, turn it around if you feel like a dream is unattainable. Don’t wait for it to just come to you. Go to it. Stay open. Connect. And listen.

To your dreams coming true...Melanie

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