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The World needs The New Creative

The New's what I'm calling the current mindset of those who understand that Creativity is key to unique self-expression and sovereignty, social responsibility and human evolution. The New Creative is consciously creating with an intention of maintaining human freedoms and not allowing technology or organized authority to manipulate those freedoms or invade human sanity.

Technology is indeed a form of creativity and its purpose is to serve human evolution, not control it. There is an ongoing debate in technological circles about whether manmade, artificial intelligence can evolve to the point where it controls humanity. This prediction is fueling a fear that humans will become enslaved to the faster-processing, sleeker, and eventually consciously-evolving future computers—that anything we can do, they can do better. Don’t buy into it.

There is also an escalating hypnosis to media, and social media, that drives the mandate that the powers that be, and our governments, have the ultimate control—another fear-producing scenario that installs anger, depression, distraction and rebellion into our daily thoughts and living. There is a difference between being positively active, engaged in community service and the forward path of society, and being driven by rage and fear which only shuts us down or turns to war. It literally separates us rather than unifies us though we think it’s the other way around.

To be creative, personally creative, is to reclaim our lives by continually enlisting in our unique gifts and talents, even our purpose. It is also the best way to take a stand for our values and an evolving humanity we want to experience. When we are focused on the facets of this creativity as our human responsibility, who we are and what we generate at our core, we are aligning ourselves with the non-duplicatable essence that no machine can mimic and no authority can ultimately overrule. Nelson Mandela knew this. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew this. Gandhi knew this. Joan of Arc knew this. I loved the movie Bohemian Rhapsody highlighting the life of musician Freddie Mercury, and I believe he knew this. Who in your life knew this? It is our mandate to be creatively alive and sovereign. Our personal sovereignty ripples out into our world as collective human sovereignty.

There will never be a time when our mystery, our spiritual center, and our evolving soul will not be relevant. Those who are creating for collective human sovereignty, which includes these attributes, are serving our world.

Creating enhances the world. Creating keeps us free. Creating is what makes life interesting.

You are invited to explore your own New Creative Self with me in a personalized complimentary Session. Please email me at or visit my website,

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